Regional Grant Winners

Regional Grant Winners-Professional (Established 2008)

Year Name Institution
2019 Jessica Cheriez Davenport University
2019 Sarah Grandstaff Central Michigan University
2019 Kayla Bottrell Harteg Lawrence Tech
2019 Danielle Lopez Michigan State University
2019 Margaret MacKeverican Wayne State University
2019 Emily Reetz Wayne State University
2019 Sharita Williamson Michigan State University
2018 Erika Trigg Crews Michigan State University
2018 Andrew Murray Michigan State University
2018 Laura Hetzler Wayne State University
2018 Gayle Cohen Michigan State University
2017 Shantalea Johns Wayne State University
2017 Heidi Purdy Michigan State University
2017 Sharita Williamson Michigan State University
2016 Michelle Cronk Grand Valley State University
2016 Wiona Porath Siena Heights University
2015 Cynthia Merritt

2015 MIACADA Regional Grant Winner
Cynthia Merritt

To: MIACADA Conference Committee and Region 5 NACADA

I wanted to extend my appreciation to MIACADA as a grant recipient to attend the 2015 Region 5 conference in Indiana. The connections and learning I have made are of prime importance for me as I continue to make a difference in the lives of the students I serve. Hearing from my colleagues in the Region and particularly the keynote speakers has rejuvenated my spirit in a way that confirms this is what and where I am supposed to be; not being “just an advisor” but helping to influence change in the lives of students and people. Additionally, I have confirmed that I can share and implement what I received from not only the conference presenters and attendees, but the energy from being around such a great group of individuals. Thank you so very much for selecting me for the Region 5 grant and continue to do the great work for the collective.

Thank you,

Cynthia Merrit, M.A.
Academic Advisor II

Wayne State University
2015 Amanda Clark Grand Valley State University
2015 Rachel Pawlowski

2015 MIACADA Regional Grant Winner
Rachel Pawlowski

I just wanted to say thank you to you and the MIACADA Board of Directors for the Professional Development Grant that allowed me to attend the NACADA Region 5 conference. It was a great event and I brought back a lot of great ideas to WSU and am already putting some plans together to implement them. The conference was so much fun and I got to really take a look at getting more involved not only in MIACADA but NACADA as well. This was a very valuable experience and I could not have done it without the help of MIACADA. Thank you again and I look forward to seeing you on May 8th for a great MIACADA conference!

Rachel Pawlowski MA, LPC, NCC
Academic Advisor
Irvin D. Reid Honors College
Wayne State University

Wayne State University
2014 Shannon Burton Michigan State University
2014 Ted Lind University of Michigan-Flint
2013 Sandra Hewitt Dean Michigan State University
2013 Barbara Lynee L'Hommedieu Central Michigan Univeristy
2013 Annie Hinojosa Davenport University
2012 Jessica Cheriez Davenport University
2012 Jennifer Sutter Davenport University
2011 Christen Lesko

2011 MIACADA Regional Grant Winner

Christen M. Lesko
It was an honor to receive the 2011 MIACADA Regional Conference Professional Development Grant to attend the NACADA Region V Conference at Illinois State University in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois. As a new academic advisor, the grant gave me a chance to further explore the field of advising, exchange ideas and strategies with fellow advisors, and become more involved in professional development organizations. Also, it gave me the opportunity to attend my first NACADA Region V conference!

The 2011 NACADA Region V Conference title was "Beyond Normal: Expanding Your Advising Potential." As the theme promised, the conference inspired all who attended to go beyond one-on-one advising and implement further strategies to increase student success. There were several insightful sessions presented at the conference, such as advising veterans, incorporating technology into advising, and combining career and academic advising into one department.

In addition, I had the pleasure of attending a meeting with other advisors representing my state, which was excellent for networking, gaining knowledge of effective advising practices, and learning more about my state advising professional organization.

I would like to thank MIACADA for giving me the opportunity to grow professionally as a new academic advisor. I am looking forward to continuing my involvement with MIACADA and NACADA in the future!

Christen M. Lesko
Former Academic Advisor-TRADE at Jackson Community College

Jackson Community College
2011 Molly Thornbladh

2011 MIACADA Regional Grant Winner
Molly Thornbladh

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank MIACADA for awarding me the grant to attend the NACADA Region V. conference in Normal Illinois. The grant enabled me to co- present on behalf of my institution, which was a valuable learning experience. I believe opportunities like presenting will help me as I strive to become a leader in professional associations.

Additionally, I had the opportunity to attend relevant sessions that covered topics like integration of technology concepts, freshman programming techniques, working with veterans, and office design. These sessions helped to expand my knowledge base in order to build on them and incorporate them in my own work.

Lastly, the opportunity to network and meet other professionals in advising is not only helpful but reaffirming. To know that there are other like-minded that are striving to help students succeed is motivating, especially during challenging economic times in Higher Education. The information that I learned was helpful and will be beneficial at my home institution. Again, I thank you immensely.


Molly Thornbladh
Academic Advisor, EMU

Eastern Michigan Univeristy
2010 Terri Beadle

2010 Regional Grant Winner
Terri Beadle

I just wanted to say thank you to MIACADA for Granting my the professional development Money to attend the Region V Conference in Niagara Falls, Canada. It was a pleasure to meet The professionals in the field of academic advising. I was very pleased with the reception I Received from the professionals, as I am going to Be a faculty advisor someday. I really learned A lot from everyone I met, especially the other Faculty advisor that were present, and I Received great advice from everyone.

Again thank you for allowing me the opportunity to Attend this conference, it helped with My anxieties about entering a career in Higher Education.

Grand Valley State University
2009 Chris Strychalski University of Michigan
2008 Julie Claus University of Michigan
2008 Gwen Deutsch Michigan State University

Regional Grant Winners-Graduate Student (Established 2008)

Year Name Institution
2018 Nicholas Scobey Grand Valley State University
2017 Taylor Williams Oakland University
2016 Gwendolyn Higgins Grand Valley State University
2016 Kathryn Timm Grand Valley State University
2015 Theresa Lyon Grand Valley State University
2015 Elizabeth Clark

2015 Regional Grant Winners-Graduate Student
Elizabeth Clark

Ms. Rea & the MIACADA Board,

Thank you very much for awarding me with the Regional Conference Grant for NACADA Region V. in Indianapolis.

As a graduate student and new academic advisor, the grant helped me both financially and professionally. I had a wonderful time at my first regional conference and enjoyed the sessions that I attended. The sessions gave me great advice that I plan to use as a new professional at Michigan State. The James Bond session for new advisors and the session on creating meaningful dialogues with students on academic probation were two of my favorite.

Also, the opportunity to network and meet other advisors was extremely beneficial for me. NACADA and MIACADA are excellent communities that create opportunities to learn and network with professionals who are also striving to help students succeed.

This grant provided me with the opportunity to further explore the field of advising and to become more involved in NACADA and MIACADA. Thank you again for such a wonderful opportunity!

Elizabeth Clark
Grand Valley State University
M.Ed: College Student Affairs Leadership '15
Career Center Graduate Assistant

Grand Valley State University
2014 Jasmine Lee Michigan State University
2013 Garrett Downing Michigan State University
2013 John Gipson Grand Valley State University
2010 Amy Burns Grand Valley State University
2010 H. Michael Zaborowski Jr. Michigan State University
2009 Melissa Matich Eastern Michigan Univeristy