Mission Statement

The Michigan Academic Advising Association (MIACADA) is an organization of professionals from colleges and universities concerned with the intellectual, personal, and career or vocational advising needs of students within the State of Michigan. MIACADA was founded to foster the personal and professional development of its members by promoting quality academic advising in the state. It is a forum for discussion, debate, and the exchange of ideas regarding academic advising and related areas of higher education.

History of our Organization

The Michigan Academic Advising Association (MIACADA) is an allied state organization of the National Academic Advising Association. This organization got its roots in 2004, when a group of interested advising professionals from Michigan met and decided to host the first academic advising conference in Michigan. Over 140 advising professionals attended that first advising conference held in May 2005 in East Lansing on the campus of Michigan State University. After the conference, a steering committee was formed to set the framework for this organization and seek NACADA approval.

We received NACADA allied organization status in October 2005 and have gone onto host a 2nd annual conference, developed a newsletter, and continued to grow our membership.

Archived Events